About Us

Amanat Steels was founded in 2009 and is one of India's leading suppliers of Stainless Steel products. Amanat Steels is the market leader in the stainless steel industry. We are the leader in quality steel production, led by a principle of safe and sustainable steel. Our state-of - the-art technology meets the high expectations of our respectable customers in India as well as abroad.

Amanat Steels has emerged from the development of quality material through creativity, excellence and committed to become a large, growing, competitive and multi-product steel organization.

We are having one of the best state-of - the-art digital technology among our contemporaries. Over the years, the commitment towards the latest technology and in-house R&D has made us one of India's most affordable steel suppliers. We are having best in class manufacturing facility in place which helps us to produce the best stainless products in the market. Also we are having strict quality control mechanism in places because of which quality of our Stainless Steel products are unmatchable.

We supply our products to a large number government and non government organizations. Our delivered products are one of the best in the market.


Amanat steels has built modern warehousing facilities for providing complete warehousing logistics solution for the customer. The facility is well-equipped to handle all kind of steel products.

Amanat steels is having warehouse which is managed and controlled by our effective warehouse maintenance program.

We also have modern racking system to handle all industrial size pallets. Our palletized handling of goods, preventing damage to products. We are also having top-notch material handling equipment. Our warehouses are also having 100% power back up, ensuring temperature compliance at all times. We provide warehousing facilities like – permanent storage and storage in transit for different stainless steel goods.


Steel is a beautiful art when practice is coupled with knowledge and driven by the right instruments. Amanat steels is having ultra-modern machinery to produce best quality products in the market. We also use advanced technology and high-quality raw material which eventually helps to deliver the best product in the market.

The product portfolio is widely demanded among the customers due to its reliability, high performance, rigid design, simple operations and shock proof nature. These products are available at the most reasonable price range because of the use of most modern technology in the market.

Amanat steels is the first option for stock owners, processors and end users for cold and warm finished products, with a strong base of infrastructure and an absolute focus on efficiency.

Today, its annual production and popularity has grown over several cities over a respectable distance. It is a benchmark for many as an ideal family-run, professional-based business model.

Market Research Facilities

Our detailed market research uncovers insights into consumer and business behaviors, new materials, competitive landscapes and changing regulations.

Our research-based planning and strategies can be important to minimize cost and maximize returns for our customers. We do detailed market research, which is used to support planning, and budgeting and decision-making for new products, market-entry, marketing communications, customer initiatives and more.

In our market research study we examine the cost structure on the market for stainless steel, where raw materials and energy produce the major costs. Our detailed report also discusses the rise in prices and the forecasts in different locations and producers. A detailed analysis of the various risks associated with the stainless-steel market from fluctuations in supplier prices, overpayments, etc. can be made in our risk analysis report.

All these kind of reports helps us to deliver the best quality products to our customers.

Our Strength

1. Made from best quality materials – Use of best quality raw materials by us helps to enhance the intrinsic quality to withstand load under adverse conditions

2. Acclaimed modern Technology – Widely acclaimed modern Technology, for quenching and tempering of bars, provides more strength and bendability.

3. Dimensional accuracy – Our efficient production process Results in excellent dimensional tolerance to set perfect configuration in surface finishing.

4. Scientific Design – Scientific design of our product allows better bonding with concrete.

5. Corrosion Resistant – Our stainless steel products are perfectly corrosion resistant. Because of this nature, they are highly durable in nature.

6. Durable – Due to a perfect combination of best quality raw material and modern technology our produced products are very durable in nature.

7. Greater Weldability – Our produced stainless steel products are having better welding properties in compared to other products in the market.

8. Available across the country.

Third Party Inspection

Amanat steels also provides third party inspection services. We facilitate pre-production inspection for our customers, which tells the buyer which kind of raw materials are used in the production process. An inspection during production process allows our buyer to have an idea of the product quality which is provided by us. Our detailed third party inspection process helps to deliver the best in class products to all our patrons. We at Amanat Steels ensure that all our materials go through strict quality tests before dispatching them to our clients.

Amanat steels, who are the supplier of stainless steel products, make sure that each and every material used is of top-notch quality. The team of experts even makes use of latest machines and technology for manufacturing these products. Along with theses, there are several quality tests done to make the product best in its class.

Our Team

Amanat steels is comprised of a highly diverse group of individuals with a common vision meeting our clients' ultimate objectives while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

We trust our staff and our customers to respect. A driven employee gives the company and ultimately the consumers the best of himself. We firmly believe in a great culture that attracts and allows us to retain talented employees.

Our production workforce is highly skilled and versatile, are encrypted. Our dedicated and educated manpower helps to follow comprehensive quality and safety systems procedure.

Our leadership is committed to make a difference by connecting right people in the most engaging way at the right time.

We are a team because we are mutually respectful, trustful and vigilant. The greatest strength is the team spirit, because a majority of us is together in the whole process.