Stainless Steel Circle

Stainless steel circles are having varied characteristics such as smooth functioning, high strength, exclusive finish, unsurpassable performance, etc. Stainless steel circles are suitable for applications that require a robust, anti-oxidation quality product. Stainless steel circle is also nonmagnetic, has excellent formability, and is easy to fabricate, making it an excellent option for a broad range of light-duty and general-purpose applications. Stainless steel circles are manufactured using high quality stainless steel and available in different grades, shapes and sizes.

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Features of Stainless Steel Circle

  • Standard
  • Grades
    Available in various grades
  • Dimension
    0.18 mm - 50 mm
  • Size
    25 mm - 1000 mm

Size of Stainless Steel Circle

Standard ASTM A276
Condition HRAP or SRE
Size Range Width 12 to 150 mm
Sizes in Stock 10mm, 12mm, 100mm, 20mm , 25mm , 1/2 , 4mm, 40mm, 5mm, 50mm, 6mm, 75mm, 8mm
Thickness 33 to 25 mm (depending on size)
Grades 304, 316
Processing Bar cutting

Application of Stainless Steel Circle

Stainless steel circles are used in the following industries are Food Processing Equipment, Kitchen Benches, Sinks, troughs, Heavy machinery industries, Pressure Vessels, Fabrication Industries

Type of Stainless Steel Circle