Mild Steel Tube

The mild steel tubing is known as replacement tubes for steel tubing. In the past, steel tubing has been a major component in making automobile transmission and chain frame. For that reason, this tube has been incorporated with different features and materials in order to satisfy the demands of the industries. Nowadays, steel tubing has replaced aluminum in making chain frames because it offers better performance and durability than aluminum. It can hold heavy loads for long periods. It is also cheaper than aluminum.

Compared to the tubes that are made from aluminum and cast iron, this tube is much stronger and can withstand a high rate of load. It can support the highest amounts of loads and it will provide high compression. It can be used in drilling and turning for small jobs sites. It can be used for plumbing and drainage. It is relatively cheap compared to other steel tubes. Moreover, the ease with which you can connect and disconnect a whole line is very less. Besides, it is available in different shapes and sizes.

The tooling companies do not only need mild steel tube but also their models for installation. They can meet your needs of you and the users. The tubes can also be used for building purposes such as gazebos and water tanks. Aside from that, it can be used for water storage and reverse osmosis plants. These are the examples of its functions. Besides, there are many other uses and it can be used to build different types of aircraft fuselages. This can be an option to choose after a thorough research on the kind of tubes that is right for you.

Amanat Steels is the market leader in metals and hardware sector in India. Our mild steel tubes are provided in custom made options on demand of customers. We designed these tubes by using the finest quality steel and modern techniques as per with the set guidelines. In addition to this, our customers can avail the offered mild steel tubes from our various specifications.

Features of Mild Steel Tube

  • Standard
    As per all National & International standards
  • Grades
    Available in various grades
  • Dimension
    As per requirement
  • Size
    3 meter, 6 meter, 9 meter, 18 meter, Customized

Application of Mild Steel Tube

Used in various construction and industrial applications.

Type of Mild Steel Tube

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