Hastelloy C276 Rod

A corrosion-resistant, forged alloy is Hastelloy C-276. One of the major advantages is that the heat treatment after welding is typically not needed. Hastelloy C 276 rod prevents the development of precipitated grain boundaries that weaken the resistance to corrosion. Alloy C-276 provides an improved manufacturing capability over a similarly corrosion-resistant alloy C. Hot work and cold type Alloy C-276 can be used using conventional methods and standard welding techniques.Resistant to the formation of grain limits, Alloy C-276 is ideal for a range of chemical processes in the as-welded state. Some benefits are pitting resistance, stress-corrosion cracking and 1900 ° F (1038 ° C) oxidation.

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Features of Hastelloy C276 Rod

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Application of Hastelloy C276 Rod

In marine uses and in other sectors, including pollution control, foodstuff, waste and chemical processing, paper operations and multipurpose plants, the Hastelloy C 276 rod is used,

Type of Hastelloy

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