Aluminium Pipe

Aluminum pipes are an extruded component commonly used for all production projects with a primary concern for lightweight and corrosion resistance. The 6063-T6 aluminum tube is more bendable and has a better finish than that of the 6061. Aluminum pipeis produced by a highly cost-effective extrusion process. As there are no limitations on the production of a die for anodized aluminum wire, the extrusion process allows designers to manufacture structures in compliance with project requirements.

The aluminum pipes are primarily used for various manufacturing or construction applications, but homes and car manufacturers easily understand and adapt to popular domestic applications the use of aluminum pipes. You can save a lot of money with aluminum pipes because it is a simpler and cheaper solution than iron or steel pipes.

It is also sufficiently light to create a fence for tomatoes, wine and other plants. The structure remains strong, but lasts for the season.

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Features of Aluminium Pipe

  • Standard
    Available in various standards
  • Grades
    Available in various grades
  • Dimension
    1/4 inch-1 inch
  • Size
    6 mtr, as per requirement

Application of Aluminium Pipe

Aluminum pipes are used for the internal furnishing industry. For various pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the aluminum pipes are also used in the transport of fluids and gases.

Type of Aluminium Pipe

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